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      "John Ross." "'Then shook the hills with thunder riven,

      "Well, there was little difference of opinion, but"

      But the disciple of Anne Bardon could aspire to be master among other men. Richard began to startle and amuse his family by strange new ways. He took to washing his neck every morning, and neatly combed his hair. He cut up an old shirt into pocket-handkerchiefs. He began to model his speech on Miss Bardon'sclipping it, and purging it ridiculously. Reuben would roar with laughter."No," answered Si, as the cheers of a newly-arrived regiment rang out, "the back townships are still comin' in."

      He didn't answerand then suddenly he turned on her and shouted:

      There was no denying ithe had been basely dealt with by his elder children. Robert was in prison, Albert existed no longer except in the memory of a bitter disgrace, Richard was contemptuous, and, his father suspected, up to nothing good.... And he had looked to them all to stand and fight by his side, to feel his ambition, and share his conquest. Pete was a good lad, but what was one where there should have been four? He could not deny ithis elder children had failed him.


      And then a lot of busybodies came along and liberated them.


      "Won't he chop me with his sword?" asked Pete, still full of the terrors of that weapon.


      "Good mornin', Kunnel. When 'd you git down here?" said a voice at his elbow.The job was simple enough: the metal, once heated, had to be poured out into the ladle, which acted as a carrier to take the stuff on to its next station. The only critical point was the color of the heated liquid, and the eyes of Alberts and humans saw the same spectrum, with perhaps a little more discrimination in the eyes of the Alberts. This Albert had to be taught to let the process go unless the color was wrong, when a series of buttons would stop everything and send a quality alarm into men's quarters.