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      I suppose he who writes so eloquently in LAmi des Citoyens is also the friend of the citoyennes? If you are my friend, for the sake of the citoyenne, Lameth, [98] do not make me appear before that odious tribunal, on which you do not sit.Well; what do you want?

      "That's right, Martinand if I were you I'd have the doctor from Plymouth again."

      CHAPTER XXIIIThe appearance of this large contingent after the first lesson created considerable surprise, and much turning of heads and rustling of bonnet-strings in the echoing old stone church. Mr. Crowther stood in his pew of state on one side of the chancel, and felt that the war had begun. Everybody was against him in the matter, he knew; but he wanted to demonstrate the rich man's right to do what he liked with the things which he had bought. The wood was his, and he did not mean to let the whole parish tramp across it.

      Yes; an easy way, as I take it. You must, my dear Traff, marry money. Well, moneyand a most charming girlare ready to your hand. Two millions of money! Think of it!

      We are not so arrogant and foolish, he said. Believe what I saythat they will be very glad.

      [Pg 306]I go out before breakfast, walking in the park! My dear child! It would kill me, I really believe.



      Esmeralda was unconscious of his gaze. She was too strong and healthy and unsophisticated for vanity; but she, on her part, felt curious about him, and she glanced at him now and again with frank and fearless interest.


      They were riding through a lovely valley upon which the sun shone as it can only shine in Australia; the river ran between its grassy banks, breaking now and again into little cascades as it tumbled over impeding rocks; the mountains, clothed here and there with the brilliant green of trees in all their summer bravery, rose majestically from the plain and towered high against the blue and cloudless sky.