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      "Well?--Well?" insisted the old lady amid the rising din. "And so you--you?"

      Let the weapons rest! Xenocles has something to tell and, it seems to me, something important.Come to your senses, Sacas! You forget how wide is the gulf between you and a Pericles.

      Are you Myrtale, Simonides daughter? asked Lycon, as he watched the pretty Methonian with a pleasure he had never felt before.

      Champlain bade farewell to his garden at Quebec, where maize, wheat, rye, and barley, with vegetables of all kinds, and a small vineyard of native grapes,for he was a zealous horticulturist,held forth a promise which he was not to see fulfilled. He left one Du Parc in command, with sixteen men, and, sailing on the eighth of August, arrived at Honfleur with no worse accident than that of running over a sleeping whale near the Grand Bank.


      "You would come in," said Hilary, with a playful wave of the trowel, and turned to his work, singing:



      [7] Chaumonot, Vie, 73.