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      "You would not venture your sacred person among them, my liege!" cried Sir Robert Hales the treasurer, in alarm.

      "Stephen Holgrave," cried the monk, sternly, "where is thy fortitude?you have broken your word. Has thy manhood left thee?"

      "Yeswudin reason, of course.""They say as he's got the purtiest farm in Sussexhe's done w?onders fur Odiam, surelye."

      "Yes, why not?"

      "Yes," replied Black Jack, "here they are," drawing a parchment from his pocket.



      "Can't I induce you to spare them? There are only too few of those ancient landmarks left in Sussex."


      "But now Iwell, it's too late anyhow. I'm a married man, no matter that my wife's in Canada. Of course, I could git a divorcebut I w?an't.""How's the Lewin c?ase gitting on?" someone would ask at the Cocks, and Reuben would answer: