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      Why not, the diary never explained, but what occurred was this:Is there no coach, no vehicle, to take me? asked Trafford.

      I am afraid that Trafford must be anxious about his wife, said one. She is at Deepdalethat place of Lady Wyndovers, you knowill. I saw it in the papers. I hope she isnt worse than we think.

      They met again that night at a reception, and Trafford spent some time talking with her. It is scarcely necessary to say that they were watched, and a whisper went round that the Marquis of Trafford was for the first time serious, and that he had marked the Golden Savage for his own.

      Are you lame? Is there anything the matter with you? asked Esmeralda.

      "Ho-o-oh! if I were worthy to advise you it wouldn't flatter me so to be asked."

      The letter reached Belfayre the next morning, and was carried[253] up with scores of others in the post-bag, which was placed on a side-table in the breakfast-room.The manager was at the counter, and received him with a smile of fellowship and the air of respect which were always unquestioningly and freely accorded to Mr. Varley Howard.


      It was not the cabmans business to tell his fare that the office would be closed, and Trafford did not think of the lateness of the hour until he was in front of the shut-up office. He sat and stared at it moodily for a moment or two, then he remembered that another address, at the docks, was given in the advertisement; and he told the cabman to drive there.


      That is not trueand you know it! she said. Wait; I dont want you to answer me, to talk to me as if I were a child, an ignorant girl. II should hate to have you lie to me. Besides, it is too late.She came late, as usual, and Trafford made his way to her. He noticed, with a pang of remorse, that she was thinner, and that her face was more ethereal-looking even than it had been.