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      The water was rushing up at thembut the stickmight

      "You will still keep her then?" Cairness wished to know.

      Then, with the beam directed in the path the mysterious unknown must have taken, he tried to show the occupant of the amphibian what he meant.No. Set down in the little inlet, yonder. He waved toward the shoreline concealed beyond the estate shrubbery. It was closer to my own crateits stalled yonder in the golf course.

      The parson had seen.It would have been best so, and she knew it, had[Pg 199] indeed meant to make it like this on her part, but a feeling swept over her that if they did not speak now, they would pass down to their deaths in silence. She reached out her hand to stop him, and spoke.


      But why did he shut off the ignition and pretend the engine had stoppedso handy to this old, abandoned estate?