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      S! sil y avoit quelqu'un qui ne l'aimit point!"V2 they will feel the good effects of His Majesty's protection." They were in fact treated with a kindness that seemed to surprise them.

      "To give me time to hear these persons' stories, sir. An adjournment until to-morrow morning."

      Pen nodded.

      [246] Robinson to Shirley, 5 July, 1754."Kiss me, Pen ... and I'll hold Delehanty back..."

      Si fairly turned pale as he contemplated the picture so graphically portrayed by Shorty. The latter's explanation was far more effectual in letting the light in upon Si's mind than the scientific disquisition of the "Perfesser." He had now a pretty clear idea of what a "grayback" was. Whatever he lacked to make his knowledge complete was soon supplied in the regular way. But Si was deeply grieved and shocked at what Shorty had told him. It was some minutes before he said anything more.

      "But you do love me, don't you?"


      [357] Mante, 47; Entick, I. 377.Don acted like a lightning flash. With a thrust out of his arms he sent Pen reeling backwards. She fell in the sand. At the same instant Don dived low through the bushes and caught the other man around the legs. He measured his length in the sand. It was so quick that he did not even fire. The pistol flew out of his hand. Pen following a blind instinct, scrambled on hands and knees and secured it.


      Some of the prisoners were no doubt among those who had joined the garrison at Beausjour, and had been pardoned for doing so by the terms of the capitulation. It was held, however, that, though forgiven this special offence, they were not exempted from the doom that had gone forth against the great body of their countrymen. We must look closely at the motives and execution of this stern sentence.