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      She opened her eyes upon him, and they glowed with girlish pleasure.

      There not many minutes later you might have seen the four men amicably gathered and vying in clever speeches to pretty Mrs. Callender and her yet fairer though less scintillant step-daughter Anna.

      As Esmeralda, the girl from the wilds, she had made a sensation; as Miss Chetwynde, the fiance of the Marquis of Trafford, and future Duchess of Belfayre, she was at once raised to a position of vast importance. She was sought after, and courted, and flattered to an extent that would have turned most girls heads. But Esmeralda managed to retain her simplicity and modesty through it all.

      He broke in upon her with a cry, the cry of a man who sees a glimmer of light through darkness.

      I am never anxious about any one, my dear Lilias, he saidleast of all about married peopleand if I were you, I would not be anxious any longer. Trafford and Esmeralda[350] are quite capable of managing their own affairs, and that we have not received any letters from them only proves that they are sensible people and not given to letter-writing. The facilities for epistolary correspondence constitute one of the curses of the age, and I trust we are arriving at a period when the writing of an unnecessary letter will be a capital offense. Will you give me another cup of coffee? By the way, did I mention that Norman was with them and would accompany them home? No sugar, please.She went to the desk and wrote as he dictated, and the telegram was dispatched.

      One or two men had approached him with greetings of welcome, but had been frightened away by his grim coldness.




      For a moment a little tremor ran through her, and her hands clung to his arm and a mist rose before her eyes; but[227] she set her teeth hard and turned swiftly to answer some one who had spoken to her. Trafford took his father to the door, as usual, and the duke murmured a few words of congratulation.